Thursday, April 18, 2019

Today, you will see things through a different perspective and you will notice the grat mistakes you have done.

Love: Be careful because someone might show up in your life and will want to step in your relationship.

Money: Don't let your economic crisis generate conflicts at home, keep things apart.

Lotto Numbers:

19 27 8 18 6 20



Friday, April 19, 2019

You will experience today some emotional moments at home that will change your mood, you must face it.

Love: Don't make the same mistakes from the past today, you should be honest with your lover and talk about whats happening.

Money: Today, don't use any of your credit cards, it is better if you pay with cash.

Lotto Numbers:

29 39 4 13 11 50



Saturday, April 20, 2019

Today, you need a good rest that helps you release your stress and get out of your routine, your body and mind deserve a good pamper.

Love: Let your lover take care of you today, hang out and share moments of quality and communicate.

Money: Today is the best day to being invited and not being you the one who spends money, remember that it is good every once in a time.

Lotto Numbers:

13 15 52 16 8 25



Sunday, April 21, 2019

Today, you will want to show the best of you in your work, your entrepreneur attitude and your thirst for success of will make you succeed.

Love: Forget that love from your past, its time for you to find a person that fits better with you.

Money: Today, you might need to use some of the money you have saved, but dont worry because you will keep saving for the future.

Lotto Numbers:

15 13 28 33 43 7



Monday, April 22, 2019

Today, let time prove you are right, don't rush at making decisions, take time to think things over.

Love: Leave weeping behind and go on with your life, the love of your life might be close.

Money: Today, keep your hand hard and dont spend your money in nonesense, it is better to have money saved for whenever it is needed.

Lotto Numbers:

46 36 23 41 51 35



Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Today, a friend will ask for your advice, you will feel important and valuable in your workplace.

Love: Leave the difference with your lover behind, try to fix things so you don't deteriorate the relationship.

Money: Today, you must save money for future inconviniences, you might regret not saving any in the future.

Lotto Numbers:

7 3 29 12 39 15



Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Today is the best day to get that job you die for, take the lead of your life and go for it.

Love: Stop demanding your lover for tihngs that are out of their reach, you are only pushing him or her away.

Money: You must compensate all the expenses you have had, you might need to work for extra hours to compensate.

Lotto Numbers:

54 47 53 14 5 11