Friday, May 25, 2018

Try to stop your impulses today, if you let them out you will get into trouble and some of your plans may delay.

Love: If the relationship you are in hasn't started as a real thing dont get desesperated, love and passion will flow.

Money: Remember that you should never settle for what you already have, you can always do better.

Lotto Numbers:

44 17 23 53 40 31



Saturday, May 26, 2018

Don't let yourself get defeated by the odds, you have to calm down and reflect about everything so you can find a solution. vencer por las adversidades, primero debes sentirte tranquilo y luego reflexionar en todo para encontrar una solución.

Love: The person you are sharing your days with truly owns your heart, don't deny it.

Don't be pesimist if you notice you have everything you need, you just need to have better organization.

Lotto Numbers:

52 29 5 25 15 26



Sunday, May 27, 2018

Try to stand out from the rest today, you should not keep hiding your capacities, show everyone what you are capable of doing.

Love: Today will be a great day for romance, you just need to think a little bit and try to surprise your lover.

Money: Don't give up , the professional success you are looking for is closer that you think, you need to stay strong.

Lotto Numbers:

16 29 19 21 23 35



Monday, May 28, 2018

Remember that not all people are worth your friendship, try to choose better the people you call friends.

Love: Try to be more sensitive about the feelings of your couple, don't be harsh.

Money: It would be better if you didn't ask for more money, you need to remember that not all things solve with more money, they solve by learning how to manage our resources.

Lotto Numbers:

52 12 31 28 18 38



Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Remember that things are about to twist in your favour, don't stress, you just need more time.

Love: Don't leave behind your lover because of a comment, prove that comment is true.

Money: This is not a good moment to adopt new debts, try to leave those problems aside.

Lotto Numbers:

51 48 24 54 40 13



Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today, you must apologize to the people you have offended with your words, think about what happened, this can't continue to go on.

Love: You will see the true colors of that person and you won't love it, end things quickly and don't complicate your life because of it.

Money: You are not going to see much changes in this aspect, just keep working hard and doing what you have to do.

Lotto Numbers:

34 24 38 22 25 14



Thursday, May 31, 2018

You are going to go through a phase of great changes which will leave you feeling confused, remember that time heals everything.

Love: Don't listen to other people, doing so will only result by harming your relationship.

Money: you will need to improve in your work, it will get more demanding and you must be at the required level.

Lotto Numbers:

2 22 37 42 30 26