Friday, January 18, 2019

Today you will be having a great intern energy that will allow you to succeed and pass through everything that stands in your way.

Love: It would be better if you stopped putting pressure on that person, you are making him or her bored and it will cut your options.

Money: A good conversation with your friends might be the start of a good business, take your time to have talks each time you can.

Lotto Numbers:

16 19 35 44 41 54



Saturday, January 19, 2019

Leave your pride aside today, if you feel you need help, ask for it, there are only few people who could deny their help.

Love: Try doing something special for your lover, nothing complicated, maybe something as simple as his or her favorite dinner will be just great.

Money: That money you were expecting will delay, avoid spendind in unnecesary things until you gain it.

Lotto Numbers:

35 42 18 54 6 9



Sunday, January 20, 2019

Try to listen to yourself today, remember that it you feel something is wrong it is because it might be wrong.

Love: Don't put pressure over your lover, give him or her time and space, make him or her miss you.

Money: Be careful with expecting more than you shoul, try being more realistic or you may get dissapointed.

Lotto Numbers:

35 6 44 37 48 3



Monday, January 21, 2019

Today dont let that your bad humour leads you to get angry with your friends, remember that it isn't their fault.

Love: Listen to your couple, you might hear some good ideas, give yourself the chance and you will notice that.

Money: Don't let money get in between of your proyects, try to think about how will you get it, you will get to a solution.

Lotto Numbers:

23 41 45 39 18 40



Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Today is the day to leave behind all those contadictions, it is moment to decide and push until the finish line.

Love: Be careful with the adventures, you must not build castles in the clouds if you know your relationship is no more than just an adventure.

Money: Don't drown into a glass of water, you know there are many people who can help you.

Lotto Numbers:

40 9 5 53 25 48



Wednesday, January 23, 2019

It will be better if you began to liste to the advices of others or you will end up making many mistakes.

Love: don't let yourself get driven by illusions, that feeling is temporary, it would be good if you started noticing the difference between something temporary and something lasting.

Money: you need new business ideas, take a walk and clear your mind.

Lotto Numbers:

37 24 52 7 39 20



Thursday, January 24, 2019

Reflect a little bit and think if you really are working hard enough for what you want. If that's not so, you must return to your path.

Love: Be cautious with the advices, specially of those from people you just met, they might not be the rightest advices.

Money: Be careful at investing with friends, a good friendship might result in a bad business.

Lotto Numbers:

29 6 12 54 25 15